With the Omicron and Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus piling up pressure on the Indian healthcare system, it becomes imperative for all frontline workers and the common public to take all precautionary measures and follow the COVID-safety protocols diligently. 

Dr Saroj Sheoran, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon with 13 years of experience, is also certified in COVID-19 patient care and Infection Control Training for Healthcare Workers from Stanford University, USA. Her training allows her to practice stringent infection control protocols, maintain hygiene, and social distancing with a regular staff screening.

When you book a consultation with us, be rest assured that we are committed to your safety and health.

With dental treatments, it becomes imperative to be extra careful given the nature of the treatment, which requires the doctor and the patient to be near each other.

International Standard Safety Protocols at CK Birla Hospital

Patient Screenings

Our patient’s safety is our utmost concern, so we perform in-depth patient screenings before all appointments. Here is what’s included in our patient screenings:

  • Fill out online patient forms
  • Ask for travel history, if any
  • Offer in-person appointments only for fully vaccinated patients
  • Self-declaration is mandatory
  • Tele-consult with our doctors for a comfortable treatment before scheduling appointments
  • Discuss expected treatment costs before every appointment
  • Give detailed instructions of the procedure/treatment

Patient Protection

As per the safety precautions, any patient who visits our clinic goes through a mandatory screening.

We perform:

  •  Thermal screening
  •  Oxygen saturation
  •  Complete sanitisation before and after every visit at the health centre
  •  Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for patients with instruction for proper decomposing after use

Sterilised and Fumigated Treatment Room

With the help of tele-consult prior to a patient’s visit to our clinic, we prepare our treatment chamber for them by sanitising, sterilising, and fumigating every surface and patient-care items. The staff are provided with FFFP3 masks or fluid repellent gowns and other related equipment to fight against COVID-19.

Air and Water Sterilization

We have the latest technology air Purifiers with HEPA, UV Purification, and Plasma ION Technology, in our clinic. Our centre has an adequate ventilation facility as per the COVID-safety guidelines.

Infection Prevention Protocols

We follow CDC and ADA protocols for sterilisation, disinfection, and infection prevention. Also, the whole team strictly follows the WHO regulatory guidelines for providing essential oral health services in the context of COVID-19.

Exclusive Treatment Experience

RG Aesthetics is known for its experienced doctors and high-quality surgeries, which have provided satisfying results for the patients. We also take additional safety measures with everyone’s best interest at heart:

  •  Limited appointments in a day to ensure safety protocols are followed strictly.
  •  No walk-in appointments.
  •  Only one patient with prior appointments is allowed at a time in the consulting room.
  •  No attendant is allowed in OPD to prevent exposure to the virus. 
  •  RT PCR is mandatory before any procedure for patients and attendants.
  •  Entire clinic sanitisation is done after every appointment. 
  • The whole team is trained to follow the protocols diligently.
  • Our entire staff is fully vaccinated. 

RG Aesthetics follows the required instructions strictly, and we are looking forward to treating our patients and giving them a comfortable experience with satisfaction.