What is Dimple Creation?

Dimples are widely regarded as one of the most appealing facial features. While only 20% of the population have them, the remaining 80% wish they had them. While dimples are actually a skin defect that occurs when the facial skin gets wedged into the underlying cheek muscles, surgeons today can create and remove them through Dimpleplasty, or dimple creation procedure.

Before/After Results

Who Can Opt for Dimple Creation Procedure?

Dimple creation can be opted by anyone who is looking to create dimples on their face. There are many benefits associated with the procedure –

  • Unlike naturally occurring dimples, you can decide the placement of dimples, so long as it is on the cheeks
  • You can choose the kind and depth of dimple that you want
  • You have the flexibility to decide whether you want the dimple on one or both cheeks
  • If you do not want them, you can remove existing dimples with this procedure
  • No unnatural scarring is visible on the face

What this procedure cannot do –

  • Change your face structure
  • Make you look like someone else.

About the Procedure

It is important for the procedure to be performed by an experienced surgeon to minimize risks and complications while offering world-class technology and surgical techniques.

The procedure is simple and straightforward without you having to worry about visible scarring. To ensure this, the incision is made inside the cheek for a more natural outcome. Depending upon the desired location and depth of the dimple, a suture is passed through the incision. These sutures dissolve on their own, so you do not need a follow-up consultation for their removal.

Types of dimples you may opt for:

  • Long Dimples
  • Indian Dimples
  • Mouth Corner Dimples

To remove a dimple, the skin is surgically separated from the underlying muscle. This may result in a depression on the skin, this can be corrected with the help of fillers.


Dimple creation is an outpatient procedure, with same day discharge.

  • You may observe some temporary bruising and swelling, this usually resolves in 7-10 days
  • Though facial movement needs to be restricted for a few days, other routine activities may be resumed from the next day
  • The dimples may start looking natural after a couple of weeks, though the actual recovery period varies from case to case