What Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are a set of third molar teeth in the oral cavity, so named because they tend to erupt at 17 – 21 years of age. They most commonly require extraction between 20-30 years of age due to pain or infection. Their extraction is usually a minor surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia.

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Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Done?

Wisdom teeth are evolutionarily redundant, usually ill-aligned and rarely aid in chewing. Their presence, in fact, mostly results in:

  • Recurrent infection (pericoronitis)
  • Severe oral pain
  • Reduced mouth opening
  • Jaw joint (TMJ) pain
  • Decay of adjacent teeth
  • Facial swelling

It is prudent to get wisdom teeth extracted before or immediately after these symptoms arise to prevent damage to adjacent oral tissues.

What Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can / Can’t Do


  • Prevent decay in adjacent teeth from progressing
  • Relieve pain in the jaw joint


  • Permanently change the way your face looks
  • Impair your eyesight
  • Permanently decrease your chewing efficiency
  • Weaken the adjacent teeth

How You Should Prepare For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

  • Have a light meal before your appointment
  • Discuss any medical illnesses, if you have, with your doctor
  • Have someone accompany you for the appointment if you’re planning to drive back

What Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can / Can’t Do

It is a safe and simple day-care procedure performed painlessly under local anesthesia. It involves raising a small gum flap to remove a small amount of bone covering the surface of the tooth followed by cutting the tooth into sections for its smooth removal.

The wound is thoroughly washed and closed with a couple of stitches. The complete procedure takes roughly 30-40 minutes.

It is possible to get more than 1 wisdom teeth, even all 4 of them, extracted in a single sitting. This is usually performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the anticipated length of the procedure, for greater patient comfort.

Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

  • Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple procedure, with a speedy recovery
  • You can resume work the very next day
  • Mild facial swelling may be seen for up to 10 days after the procedure
  • Solid foods and heavy exercise are to be avoided for 24 hours after the surgery
  • Normal diet and lifestyle may resume after 24 hours
  • Regular saline rinses are advised to maintain wound hygiene
  • Mild sensitivity may be felt in the adjacent teeth for up to 2-3 days
  • You may experience some numbness of the lip in rare cases for up to a few weeks

Risk involved in Wisdom Tooth Extraction ?

If not performed by an expert, it may lead to:

  • Permanent lip numbness
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Wound infection